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Chiropractor Catalyst Health CA Anthony Cipperoni

Who is Dr. Cipperoni?

• Owner and clinical director of Catalyst Health.
• Board certified Chiropractic Physician certified in functional medicine.
• CoFounder of the clinically proven Clean Eating Program in Chicago (90 Days to Essential Health) guiding 200 people to stress reductions, weight loss, and significantly improved physical functioning
• Visiting Professor for the University of Arizona where he teaches Health and Human Disease and Musculoskeletal Physiology.

Catalyst Health Wellness Program for
Your Business Model Wellness Program Benefits:

⋅ Lower your payroll cost with fewer employee sick-days

⋅ Happier and healthier employees are productive employees

⋅ Happy and healthy employees result in less employee turnover

Chiropractic Cardiff CA Essentials to Health

We customize our program for your business to address four hotspots:

#1 : Ergonomics

Ergonomics: how can the physical environment be healthier and less prone to injury

#2 : Learn

Learn and practice effective movement skills - not a workout - injury prevention is the key

#3 : Meditation

Meditation and stress expert teaches how to reduce stress, improve communication skills - the key to happy employees

#4 : Teach

We teach and implement the importance of healthy eating - a critical part of being healthy, high energy, reduced illness and productive as work.

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⋅ Employees and owners see a huge difference in their mental and physical health.

⋅ In most cases, employers participate as well and reap the benefits!

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